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Grape Varieties : Tempranillo

Biberius is a fun, lively wine. The mouth is soft and of medium structure, dominated by fine and sweet tannins despite its youth. The natural acidity present gives us a refreshing sensation that invites to drink more. Aromatically in the mouth is is somewhat less fruity and more spicy; we still find red fruit but also vanilla, bush and licorice, providing a good complexity to the whole. The aftertaste is quite long and silky leaving a pleasant memory on the palate.


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2nd Prize – San Francisco International Wine Competition 2017

About the winery

The landscape can also be drunk.

When, back in 1999, Jaime Comenge started working on his desire to make wine, his ideas were clear: the vineyard is the fundamental pillar of the character and personality of a wine and it therefore needs to be considered in each stage of the winemaking process. With this idea in mind, Bodegas Comenge has created its own winemaking philosophy based on innovation and research to express the true charm of our vineyard in the purest and most genuine way possible. The important element is production.

Our vines are certified as grown using 100% organic methods. This has a direct effect on the flavour of the grapes and our wines. Production levels are small: we maintain the plant cover, turning the vineyard into a natural garden, into a diverse ecosystem that adds balance to the vine and is good for our health.

The wines are born in the vineyard. Our oenologist’s work is important, but the most important thing is not to hide the terroir, expressed in each vintage in an elegant and balanced way.

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