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The“3 Crianzas”from this wine reflect its personality: pale yellow with brilliant gold, mature and sweet, proud of its aroma and fruity taste. A mineral taste in the mouth. 3 chords in harmony for a wine of great liveliness, structure and a lingering after taste which confirms its olfactory aspect in the mouth after swallowing.


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About the winery

Maior de Mendoza is a family business that started in the 1970s, planting one of the largest Albariño vineyards in Galicia, Spain and the world. This was long before the creation of the D.O. Rias Baixas. Pioneers in Albariño sustainable farming, not using herbicides or aggressive products, taking care of our vines in a respectful natural way. Pioneers in the elaboration of Albariño on lees and aged Albariño, we marketed the first Rias Baixas on lees. Our objective is to show how great the Albariño variety is and the different types of vinification it has. 

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