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Pacharan Baines

This colorful and suggestive liquor was already known and appreciated in Navarra since the Middle Ages. We know, for example, that the pacharán was part of the menu served at the wedding of the noble D. Godofre of Navarra, natural son of King Carlos III, with Doña Teresa de Arellano in 1415. And there has also been a written record that the queen Blanca de Navarra in April 1441, her last year of life, took pacharán when she fell ill in the Monastery of Santa Maria de Nieva.

With the passage of time, pacharán went from being a medicinal product to becoming a drink present in every home and evolved from a home-made production to its industrialization. Thus, in 1956, the first commercial brand of pacharán came onto the market, but it was not until the 1980s that the consumption of pacharán increased notably, spreading throughout the Peninsula.

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