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Garcia De Lara

It is incredible that there are still small plots of vineyard in Spain left to be discovered. Garcia de Lara is an inspiring project in which Miguel Garcia de Lara and his brothers and sisters are slowly reviving their historic, century old family vineyards and winery while all their neighbours are uprooting their vineyards to plant other things.

This brave, hard working family believe that what their ancestors planted almost 100 years ago has something special to offer! Their small production fine wine project begins with their ancient Cencibel (Tempranillo) and Airen vineyards. Bush vines planted in the harsh, extreme climate in Toledo, bordering with Madrid, where summers are very hot and dry leads to intense flavours.
They are part of a pioneering movement right now to revive the Airen grape at a premium level, which produces extremely delicate and elegant and is quickly gaining a place in the market.

Products by Garcia De Lara

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