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Grape Varieties : Nebbiolo

Color is garnet red with ruby reflections. Excellent structure and typical aromas of Nebbiolo, mainly fruity aromas, but also floral and spicy notes, the aromas are open and intense.


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About the winery

BRIC CENCIURIO AZIENDA AGRICOLA is boutique family business winery. It was born at the beginning of the nineties by the idea of Franco Pittatore and his brother-in-law Carlo Sacchetto who decided to unite the lands of their families. Unfortunately Franco died while working in vineyard 2 years after the company set-up. The 2 sons where still too young but they had the toughness to make the dream of their father come true. Currently the winery is run by Alessandro and Alberto Pittatore, together with their mother Fiorella and their uncle Carlo Sacchetto.

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