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Grape Varieties:60% Carignan | 40% Grenache

Pur is one of our most iconic red wines, a medium to full-bodied structured red wine showcasing red and black fruits, spices, smooth tannins and a long persistent after-taste; here is where you’ll  unlock the secrets of this dark ruby rustic gem. It is a wine of landscape, mind, soul and body, elegant and very fine. A small treasure that represents the authenticity and rusticity in its most subtle version.

The artwork for Pur is a personal trip down memory-lane. It is a reminder that Time is a precious gift as with every moment that leads up to the Present. The journey is what makes life worth living for; It is arduous and breathtaking at the same time and for all it’s worth, the fruits of hard work always tastes the sweetest.


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About the winery

At M.S.B Somms & Vineyards, we do it differently by focusing on the needs of our customers who are always looking for trust, value and quality when buying wines. We pride ourselves on focusing on trying to increase your experience, no matter where in the world you are.

Led by a team of renowned wine professionals we are fully committed to build a home and a family where different personalities can contribute to make this an exciting and joyful adventure.

In 2017, Michelin Former Sommelier Miquel Sabrià Bernabeu embarked on a lifelong dream and started M.S.B. Somms &Vineyards in the cosmopolitan and historical city of Barcelona, in Catalunya, Spain. Miquel’s passion and enthusiasm for the world of wine and gastronomy knows no boundaries as he constantly desires to learn, see and experience more.

The finishing touch on the image and soul of this project is with a Singaporean artist, Mary Bernadette Lee, who has personalized each wine with hand-painted labels.They are created with careful consideration of its cultural and environmental background as we take inspiration from the beauty of Mother Nature, and the people that have been involved in the generational tradition and history of winemaking in our land.

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